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X-Ray >> Vidisco DR Systems
Vidisco : Accessories


Vidisco Accessories

All Vidisco accessories are fully compatible with our entire product range. 


WXR - Wireless X-ray


Compact battery free wireless X-ray. Simple and convenient setup. Compatible with all Golden X-ray sources (XR-150, XR-200, XRS-3) and selected CP sources. 




WiFi X - Digital Wireless USB Module

Fast, reliable wireless data transfer. Up to 200 m (line of sight) laptop to ICU/DDA imager consistent wireless connection. Light and battery free, it is easily connected via a USB port.


Dual WiFi X LR - High Power Wireless  

Two high power wireless WiFi X LR units facilitate wireless connection of up to 1500m (almost a mile!) - line of sight). Can be especially useful for conducting filed NDT in large sites.




External Reels

Various external reel options enable increased distance between the laptop and the ICU, up to 200m with Smart X 150.


External Camera

The External Camera accessory captures external images and video, which can be stored in the XbitPro software database along with its corresponding X-ray images for enhanced documentation of NDT.


Additional System Charasteristics**

  • All Vidisco carrying cases serve as an operational platform
  • All Vidisco imagers are tripod mountable*
  • All Vidisco systems come with user-friendly professional software
  • All Vidisco systems have a built-in database for comprehensive documentation
  • All Vidisco system are compatible with 5 interchangeable imagers (CCD and a-Si Digital Flat Panels)

* tripod not provided
** Configuration is subject to market changes and manufacturer specifications



X-Ray >> Vidisco DR Systems
Vidisco : BlazeXPro
Portable, Lightweight and Robust Large Area Imager
  • Fully Battery Operated, DC/AC Self Charging
  • Easy Setup in Laboratory or Field
  • Professional Software Included
  • Fast and Safe Operation


X-Ray >> Vidisco DR Systems
Vidisco : FlashXPro
  • Best Image Quality in the Market!
  • Fastest Time to Image, Detection on the Spot!
  • 100% Portable, Lightweight, Large DDA Imager!
  • All in One Carrying Case, Fully Battery Operated

Vidisco’s FlashXPro portable system offers a lightweight, robust large area imager that ensures extraordinary 16 bit (65,536 Grey levels) images that enable the detection and identification of hairline cracks. Consequentially, dose level is reduced and exposure times are shortened from minutes to mere seconds.

FlashXPro is easy to set up in the field and to integrate in laboratories. Fast wireless solutions offer additional flexibility. Highest quality images are available for immediate analysis. User friendly, yet advanced professional software allows for precise, on-site detection. Time to results is significantly shortened!

Digital Radiography (DR) is the most advanced X-ray technology available. FlashXPro’s high detection quantum efficiency (DQE) dramatically increases NDT profitability. 

  • Extraordinary Image Quality: 16 bit dynamic range (65,536 Grey levels) and 3.5 lp/mm resolution.
  • Lightweight, Thin, Robust Large Area Digital Imager: 342 x 432 mm (13.5”x17”) imaging area combined with just 25mm (~1”) depth.
  • Truly Portable: light, compact and easy to transport; enabling operational flexibility. Up to 5 hours of continuous work on batteries and self charging during AC operation.
  • Images upon Request! Available on screen for immediate analysis. No repositioning required. No developing! No scanning! No chemicals!
  • Advanced Software: Easy to repeat testing procedures, enhanced diagnosis tools and data storage and query options, user friendly interface. Speed Ensures Efficiency & Safety: Radiation dose and exposure times shortened tenfold! Minimal plant disruption, NDT productivity increased.
  • Complete Imaging Solution: Easy setup in the lab or field. Compatible with portable Pulsed or Constant Potential X-ray sources.
  • One Platform: Easily interchangeable with the RayzorXPro imager, the thinnest digital panel ever produced.
  • Wireless Solutions: Built in fast wireless 200m. Special 750m long range package. High powered wireless up to 1500m (line of sight).
  • Wireless X-ray: Operates with Pulsed X-ray sources.
  • Complies with Current Industry Standards.



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