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Krautkramer : Krautkramer CL304
Reconditioned precision thickness guage

CL304 Desk-Top/Portable Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Reconditioned - Good condition

CL304 Features Include:

- Compatible with 5 standard contact and delay transducers

- Easy-to-read back lite display

- Auto-ranging thickness resolution

- Display thickness and velocity in inches or metric

- Powered by AC or 4 Standard "D" Cell Alkaline/NiCAD Batteries

- Storage of 7 Special Menu Setups

- RF Output and System Timing Connectors

- Time of flight measurement

- Differential measuring mode

- HI/LO Tolerance limits with alarms

- Selectable thickness resolution

The CL304 precision ultrasonic thickness gauge operates from battery or AC power for portable or bench top use. It offer fast, accurate thickness measurements without cutting, disassembling or destroying your parts. Test most metals, plastics, glass and ceramic materials while shortening inspection time and reducing cost.

The CL304 offers several advanced features such as the special menu setups. Special menus allows the use of non-standard transducers (e.g., bubbler or immersion) that require customized settings to optimize instrument performance. From the instruments keypad, the operator can adjust 12 parameters including gain, various delays, PRF and signal phase. An oscilloscope can be connected to the instrument’s rear panel RF connector and system timing connector to assist in setup and to verify the accuracy of the measurement.

Base Instrument Package:

- CL304 Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

- Four 1.2 V "D" Cell NiCAD batteries

- Battery Charger/Eliminator

- XL Couplant, 8 oz.

- Operating Manual

- Calibration certificate

Price includes a 15 MHz Delay Line Transducer* and Cable, other transducers and accessories sold separately

Three month warranty

* Britek 15 MHz 1/4" BRDR (similar to Alpha2 DFR)

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