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Sonatest : Sonatest - MasterScan 380
High Performance Ultrasonic Flaw Detector



MasterScan 380M

Looking for the top performance UT instrument?

You owe it to yourself to check out the new MasterScan 380

The Sonatest MasterScan 380 is the new industry standard.

Compare features, specifications and pricing to yesterdays leading instruments and you can't help but decide that the new MasterScan is the new industry leader.

High performance without giving up portability, ruggedness and reliability.

Check out the features that are included at no extra cost and you will know the value.

The MasterScan 380 Wins!


The new MasterScan series has been developed using cutting edge technologies delivering high performance and advanced features.
The 380M model has improved high resolution acquisition systems and exceptional signal to noise ratio, essential for demanding ultrasonic testing.

The 380M also features:

- Interface Trigger

- Backwall Echo Attenuator

- High PRF

- These features make it suitable for single channel systems applications and portable scanners.

- Ease of use and functionality is a key feature.

- Advancements to the keypad and user interface include fast set-up, full screen A-scan and improvements to the menu navigation systems enhance the user’s workflow and reducing the setup time.

- The transflective colour display gives high visibility in direct sunlight.

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Masterscan 380

Masterscan 380 kit, specify Lemo or BNC connectors (MS380MBUS or MS380MLUS)


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