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Sonatest : SiteScan D-Series
NEW D-Series Flaw Detectors


Sonatest D Series Sitescan

instruments offer you:

A light, compact instruments with large daylight visible color display and extreme ruggedness in an ergonomically designed, easy-to-use package.

Lightweight Ergonomics

The Sitescan D Series represents a new generation of portable digital flaw detectors. It’s ground breaking ergonomic design has been evolved to make it comfortable for day-long use. Display size has not been sacrificed to achieve compact dimensions giving the Sitescan one of the highest display to size ratios of any field instrument.


The Sitescan D-10 and D-20 use an innovative rotary control for fast, single handed menu selection and setting changes. The keypad uses new technology to increase resistance to water and improve tactile feel, along with mechanical switches for enhanced lifetime. Simply slide your thumb or finger around the unique scroll-wheel to quickly access menu items, or change parameters. The scroll wheel offers the advantages of a rotary knob, but has no moving parts to become damaged or blocked by couplants.

Direct Access Keys

From Sonatest’s experience of flaw detector design we know users want direct access to the essential parameters of gate adjustment and gain control. These are positioned close to the scroll wheel, so it is easy to switch between gain, gates and the menu with one hand. There are also direct keys for freezing the scan and switching to the full screen mode.

User Buttons

The Sitescan D has unique User Keys that can be assigned directly to menu items or actions. The system works in the same way as the preset radio buttons in your car. Highlight the menu you want to assign and hold the User button for a few seconds this will assign that key to the selected menu item. Using the four keys operators can define their own direct access functions based on the application. The keys can also be assigned actions, such as one press storing of A-scans and auto 80% adjustment of echoes.
High Visibility Display

For any flaw detector the display is a crucial element. The Sitescan has a colour transflective TFT display as standard, providing high visibility at any light level. The choice of colours for menus and waveform display enhance clarity, with the LCD simulation mode giving direct sunlight readability. The TFT does not suffer the typical black out problems or temperature limitations of LCD giving full weather capability. The Full Screen mode maximizes the A-scan area to improve readability further whilst testing and its fast response and peak capture functionality ensure any indication is clearly displayed, even if it only appears for one cycle of the PRF.

Robust and Adaptable

Sonatest's reputation for robust design and proven reliability is an important aspect of flaw detector ownership. Down time is expensive and should be minimized to ensure maximum productivity. The Sitescan D Series is constructed to high standards using engineered polymers and sealed to IP67, and is designed to incorporate many features to make site work easier. The integrated pipe stand is adjustable to give easy positioning, whilst the standard camera mount fixing on the back opens up a wide variety of useful accessories such as magnetic hooks, tripod mounts and body harnesses. The Sitescan D can be easily attached to pipe work, metal plates or hung from the nearest fixing, giving the user both hands free for scanning.




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Sitescan D-10 package with DAC, specify BNC or Lemo connectors (D-10BKIT or D10LKIT)



D-20 DAC

Sitescan D-20 DAC package, specify BNC or Lemo connectors (D-20BKIT or D20LKIT)




AWS/API upgrade




DGS/AVG upgrade




AWS/DGS/API upgrade



B-Scan + Advance Thickness Option

B-Scan + Advance Thickness Option



D-Series Sacci Bood Hook Harness

D-Series Sacci Body Hook Harness




D10/D20 Site Pack, with: Rugged shipping case, Gravity bracket with magnetic hook, Webbing bracket, Magnetic bracket, Webbing, 2- Carabiner strap hooks



D-Support Stand Pack

D-Support Stands Pack, with: Articulated arm and fittings for 3 included bases: Magnetic, Vacuum and Clamp



Storm Case

D-Series Storm Case 2400 Yellow



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