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Vidisco : Digital Radiography
Seeing is Believing


Why should I buy a Vidisco DR system?

 Reason 1- Image Quality

Seeing is Believing!

You may have been told that Digital Radiography can provide image quality as good or better than film, but on a gut level you really don't believe it - do you?

The below image is a copy of a copy, you are looking at it on a standard monitor without any enhancement. Look at the detail! You can't get this image quality on the best of film or CR device. It was made by BAM Institute in Germany using a Vidisco Rayzor X DR system.

The BAM-5 is something of a legend in the field of Digital Radiography. Although it is possible to conduct quality testing with test patterns on any device or target, the fact that the 20-year-old BAM-5 test piece has been used to compare the performances of almost every X-ray imaging system currently in existence makes it quite unique. Sometimes it is enough to look at the welds on the image following a BAM-5 inspection to gauge the results without even studying empiric data of the IQI, penetrameters, wires, etc. Seeing is Believing!




Above is an image of the famous BAM-5 test piece X-ray taken with Vidisco’s RayzorX digital X-ray system at the BAM facility in Berlin, clearly showing the almost unlimited performance potential of this Vidisco X-ray system. Courtesy of BAM.

BAM is the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing. It regularly conducts NDT testing for standardization in various areas of expertise for all of Europe.

 BAM describes the BAM-5 test piece as follows: “The BAM-5 is a test piece weld with known defects: It is a hand welded steel plate (St 35) 8 mm thick, the welding is max. 10 mm thick. It contains all types of welding flaws, especially cracks at the surface of the welding seam.”

 Courtesy of BAM


Reason 2- Safety:
Images are created in seconds using a much lower dose than conventional or CR.

Reason 3 - Portability:
The complete system fits in the trunk of a compact car. All components are battery powered and wireless operation is available

Reason 3 - Cost:
DR uses No film, No chemicals, No processors. There is no routine maintenance and nothing to wear out, get out of alignment, etc., For anyone with reasonable production requirements and those with sourcing issues, DR will have a significantly lower cost of long term ownership.

Reason 4 - Communications:
Images can be immediately e-mailed to your engineers, level III and customer.

Reason 5 - Portability:
Vidisco DR Systems are light and compact so they are easy to carry into the field for NDT inspections

Reason 6 - Convenience:
Carrying case doubles as the operational platform

Reason 7 - Rugged:
Vidisco's DR systems are designed to function in extreme temperatures and in difficult terrain

Reason 8 - Speed:
System setup within minutes.

Reason 9 - Production:
Save money and time - inspection can be carried out parallel to ongoing production work due to low dose exposure and small closure area.

Reason 10 - Quality:
No excuses image quality. Outstanding resolution and penetration, clear images down to the smallest detail (hairline cracks and tiny defects).

Reason 11 - Data Storeage:
Vidisco's proprietary XbitPro software enables storage of X-ray images together with relevant data such as digital photographs made during an NDT inspection. Previous inspections are easily retrieved for comparison.

Reason 12 - No waiting:
High quality X-ray images are virtually instananeous, no need to wait hours for results or perform reshoots due to poor film results

Reason 13 - No AC power needed:
Fully battery operated – Over 5 hours of continuous NDT inspection in the field.
No dependency on external power supply. Self-charging during AC operation, for example from a DC/AC vehicle inverter

Reason 14 - Wireless Operation:
Built-in wireless X-ray operates over 900 feet (300 meters) Seamless wireless operation with no need for cables or wires especially in tight and elevated locations (aircraft, ships, electrical power lines,etc



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