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Calibration & Repair Service

Service Done Right

We have over 30 years experience repairing and calibrating Krautkramer, StressTel, Hocking and other brands of UT and EC instruments. Call Tony at 913-432-7080 for fast and reliable service.


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DR Flat Panel X-Ray Systems

The Vidisco's portable DR System not only replaces film, it offers a significant enhancement to film based radiography. Call us to discuss Vidisco's DR System


About  Vidisco

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

Dakota Ultrasonics

Simply the best value thickness gauges you can buy. Price, reliability, selection Dakota's got it!

Corrosion Gauges  Precision Gauges


Ultrasonic Flaw Detection

Sonatest + Technisonic + Ray-Check +

We offer you the best selection in UT instruments, supplies and accessories. From couplant through systems - Radiatronics has the experience and the independence to satisfy your requirements. 

Calibration Blocks  SiteScan D-Series

Conductivity Meters

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Fischer Technology & Verimation

Conductivity meters to meet your needs. We feature both the simple, rugged and affordable M-4900C Verimet and the state-of-the-art, feature packed SMP-10 conductivity meters.

M-4900C  SMP-10

Blacklights & Meters

Spectronics & StarLite Lamps

We have a UV lamp and accessories for every inspection application and budget.

  Blacklights and Meters


NDT Training & Technical Services

Practicle, down-to-earth, training in UT, MT and PT.  We specialize in application specific training in UT flaw detection, thickness gauging, pipeline and and railroad applications. We also offer training materials and samples.


Coating Thickness & Holiday

Fischer Technology + Defelsko + ElekroPhysik

We offer a full range of coating thickness gauges and holiday detectors

Holiday Detectors  Coating Gauges

Hardness Testers

Portable & Bench Testers

What ever you hardness testing needs are, we have the tester for you and the experience to help you make the right choice. Please give us a call.

  Hardness Testers


Remote Viewing

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IT Concepts + Insight Vision

From simple boresecopes to jet engine videoscopes to 300 foot long pipe inspection systems, we have the instruments for you.

  Remote Viewing

Magnetic Particle Testing

Parker, Circlesafe, Solid State, ElectoSpec

From mag powders through 3-D systems we can take care of your MPI needs. 

  Magnetic Particle

Dye Penetrants

we are a full line supplier

We offer penetrant materials from Magnaflux, Sherwin, Ardrox, Met-L-Chek, Ely and well as a full line of accessories and test sytems

  Dye Penetrant


Radiography & Radiation Safety


We offer film viewers, survey meters, x-ray units and everything in-between.

Film Viewers  X-Ray



Full featured, multi-frequency conductivity meter.




New feature packed - value priced conductivity meter




AutoSigma 3000

The AutoSigma is a popular, easy-to-use, feature full conductivity meter 

  AutoSigma 3000

Dakota Ultrasonics
Dakota offers a full range of corrosion and precision ultrasonic thickness gauges and bolt tension monitors. All gauges are designed to be the best value on the market. The staff at Dakota is dedicate...
Sonatest - New Display
Sonatest has announced the new Transreflective TFT Color Display. Viewable in all lighting conditions and having an extended temperature range are two of the advantages of this new display. Available ...